The REZIL Team

William Hoffman, BS, MS, FAIC

 Bill  is a synthetic polymer chemist known for developing many novel contact  lens materials and care solutions.  Bill formed several successful  companies well known in the medical device industry.  Toqara is a new  company Bill created to develop and market new consumer products from  his latest laboratory investigations..  REZIL is the first of Toqara's  products based upon isoparaffins, which have unique properties ideal for  medical and cosmetic applications. 

Renata Hoffman, BA, MA

 Renata  started her career as a translator of several languages at the United  Nations. After receiving a degree in Marketing from UCLA, she soon  became an expert in International Marketing.  Working with Bill, Renata  successfully developed sales of many contact lens materials and care  solutions.  As CEO for Toqara, Renata will promote sales of REZIL in  Europe and the United States. 

Nyang Koon Seng, BA, MA

Mr.  Nyang has had great success as Managing Director of several diverse  corporations in Asia.  His expertise ranges from medical devices, to  high-rise building construction, to creating and managing consumer  loyalty programs.  As Director of International Marketing, Mr. Nyang  will develop and manage Toqara operations and REZIL sales in Asia. 

Daniel Drennan, MD

 Dr.  Dan is a world-renown expert in pain management, known for his  development of many novel surgical techniques.  He will act as medical  and technical advisor for Toqara's development of REZIL and similar  products. 

Dr. Drennan is a board-certified anesthesiologist with fellowship training and board certification in chronic pain management. Since  completing his fellowship, Dr. Drennan had been fortunate enough to  establish a strong and growing chronic pain practice at the University  of Utah. As a result, he watched the current clinic expand  to near capacity, and dramatically decreased the clinic waiting times  for evaluation. Concurrently, he assisted in successfully integrating  interventional pain management with the cancer pain and palliative care  service at Huntsman Cancer Institute at the University of Utah. Now, cancer patients can gain access to both services, resulting in improved patient care. Utah’s  reputation as a solid comprehensive chronic pain management clinic  continues to grow, and they now see patient referrals from institutions  such as UC Davis, Oregon Health Sciences University, and the Mayo  Clinics in Rochester. As a result, the University of Utah  Health Care System achieved the #1 ranking in the University  Healthsystem Consortium’s Quality and Accountability study for  performance during 2010.

In  addition to teaching residents and fellows at the University of Utah,  Dr. Drennan also provided lectures to outside interest groups such as  the Cancer Wellness House associated with Salt Lake Regional hospital,  and the physical therapy school at the University of Utah. Additionally,  he served as an editor for a pain management education course, a  consultant for Oxford University Press, and an advisor for the  Controlled Substances Task Force of the Utah Medical Association.

As for research, Dr. Drennan participated in a multi-center spinal cord stimulator trial for St. Jude Medical. He  published a few short review papers for the Journal of Pain and  Palliative Care Pharmacotherapy, and a systematic review of literature  pertaining to topical NSAID therapy. Additionally, he was the primary  investigator for a placebo-controlled randomized trial of vitamin D3  replacement in patients with chronic musculoskeletal pain. 

After  nearly three years at the University of Utah, Dr. Drennan reached his  maximum capacity to see patients at that clinic, and he felt that  starting Comprehensive Pain Specialists would allow him to deliver high  quality pain management to more patients. He now resides and practices medicine in the Boulder and Denver metro areas.