Clinical Study



A clinical study to evaluate the  effectiveness of REZIL was conducted at a Fort Collins, Colorado  Chiropractic Center. Eleven patients with a variety of conditions  ranging from chronic muscle pain, systemic arthritis, carpal tunnel  syndrome and neuralgia volunteered to participate in the study.  Samples  of REZIL and a placebo solution were tested. Each subject was given two  samples chosen randomly.  The samples were labeled with a number code  known only to the clinical monitor.  Thus a patient could receive two  bottles of REZIL, or two bottles of a placebo, or one bottle of each.    An eight day test using the double-blind study technique with  applications of each unknown for two days then switching to the next  unknown for two days with a repeat of each for two days was completed.  

Following the clinical trials and  patient response, the REZIL product, when applied three times daily,  increased the range of motion or joint freedom in 82% of all cases.   Pain relief in sprains/strains can be experienced in five to ten  minutes following application with relief up to three hours.
Analysis of the data indicated that  69% of the subjects using REZIL reported moderate pain relief and 11%  reported mild pain relief compared to the placebo.  There were some  cases reporting no change and no cases of negative influence.


Arthritis and bursitis respond well  but require longer periods of application before maximum benefits are  achieved. Joint mobilization increases long before pain relief in these  cases.  Direct nerve pain of shingles, sciatica, brachial neuralgia take  the longest time to respond after 3 to 4 weeks with three applications  daily and only mild pain relief. Degenerative arthritis of the spine and  other joints have good increases in motion in about 7 to 10 days with  moderate pain relief in two weeks.  Fibromyalgia patients had the  greatest response when light massage was used with REZIL. The REZIL  product has been a great assist to many of our patients and allowed  manipulation to be made with greater ease.

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