The  following comments are from Bobby Nimocks of Fayetteville, NC.  Bobby  is a world renowned, award winning poet and author.  His latest book, Filets: A Literary Treat for Gourmet Appetites, is  a great read of 49 poems and a short story.  Bobby pokes fun at a  variety of subjects including politics, romance, the environment,  psychology and sex.  This is a book you won't put away, because you will  want to read your favorite parts over and over again.  Filets is available from many on-line booksellers including Amazon.  Here is a link to the Amazon web store...


Bobby's comments on REZIL.....

As an old man going on 84, no one has  yet offered me a “pity party” in recognition of a severe lower back pain  many medical docs attribute to old age. The number of individuals  suffering  from this ailment are sufficiently high enough to conclude that many of  them beset with the same curse would also welcome the mental  contentment that sorrow, compassion, and  commiseration can afford a victim. Pity may be a poor man’s pain killer  and probably alleviates hurt, pain, and discomfort in some way. Can we  talk a patient out of his affliction? It’s  a nice thought. That so many of us suffer in the same way is everywhere  to be seen in the town I live in, particularly in the waiting rooms of  doctors’ offices. A multitude of us have become  “hunchback” patients with telltale postures. I know. I find myself  “hunchbacking” to appointments which has almost become an enforced hobby  of mine these days. That is, until lately.

Common  to the habits of hurting humans is the  envious collection of  painkillers in our shaving kits. A cafeteria selection, if you will,  thanks to the published promises featured in magazine, newspaper, and TV ads. One pain relief that is a roll-on now has a reserved seat in my shaving kit goes by the name of REZIL and heads all the rest, because it neutralizes pain  and is convenient to apply when arising in the morning. The REZIL  roll-on rests on my bedside table, and I begin the day by raking it  across my naked lower back a few times  to prevent  my playing the role of contortionist rolling out of bed with a hard  felt disability typical of a crippled person—or a clown.

Lower  back pain victims are plagued with what seems to be a painful  entanglement of muscles, nerves, and bones, each vying for a dominant  role in making getting out of bed a prime source of misery. My  audiences of friend and kin have witnessed me twisting and shifting in  hopes of getting out of the sack to make a soft landing. REZIL serves as  an outstanding solution  to those AM woes and, as he expression goes, “greases the skids” to  introduce a welcome ease of movement. REZIL converts victims into  beneficiaries by providing a borne-again  relief and, with it, the respectability of uprightness awarded us by  evolution. Moreover, it enables me to meet the day head-on. And, to  paraphrase an heroic American astronaut, this is “a giant step for mankind!”

Lastly,  one doesn’t have to go to the moon to know REZIL is available in a  convenient pocket size and is in no way restricted to the relief of  lower back pains.

Bobby Nimocks, Fayetteville, NC