REZIL  is a new topical pain relieving lotion.  It is available in a 3 oz  roll-on applicator bottle and a ¼ oz pocket/purse size roll-on bottle.

 REZIL  is effective in relieving pain from arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis,  neuralgia, strains, sprains and bruises.  REZIL can be used to treat  joint, back, shoulder, knee, neck and other body pains.  REZIL relaxes  sore, tense muscles and effectively relieves painful sports injuries.  

 REZIL’s  roll-on applicator is easy to use – just roll it on to the painful area  and rub it in.  REZIL is rapidly absorbed, penetrating deeply to the  pain receptor nerves where it blocks pain signals to the brain.  Pain  relief normally begins within five minutes and can last for several  hours.

 REZIL’s  effectiveness was proven in a placebo controlled double blind clinical  study at a large chiropractic clinic.  EZIL increased the range of  motion or joint freedom in 82% of all cases.  62% of the subjects  reported moderate to excellent pain relief compared to a placebo.  REZIL  was named for the new found resilience reported by users.

 REZIL  originated from a laboratory investigation of the trans-dermal  absorption properties of isoparaffins.  Natural isoparaffins are a  mixture of branched chain hydrocarbons found in very small quantities in  petroleum.  Isoparaffins have a unique property of rapidly transmitting  medications through the skin.  Novel pain relieving formulations based  on isoparaffins were granted a US patent, 5,882,663, in 1999.   Researchers continued to investigate the properties of individual  isoparaffins isolated from the mixture.  Isohexadecane (IHD) was found  to be the most effective trans dermal agent.  Now, after several years,  pure IHD is finally available for pharmaceutical preparations.  

  Capsaicin is a very effective drug approved by the FDA for OTC pain  relief medications.  Only USP grade Capsaicin, meeting the standards of  the United States Pharmacopeia, is used in formulating REZIL.  Capsaicin  works by blocking pain signals from the pain receptor nerves to the  brain.  Since REZIL uses only the purest Capsaicin with an effective  trans-dermal agent, IHD, the quantity of Capsaicin has been reduced to  0.025% to minimize possible irritation.  Other products use much higher  concentrations of impure Capsaicin without an effective trans-dermal  agent.

 REZIL’s  safety is assured by compliance with FDA rules and regulations. REZIL  contains only compounds listed in the FDA Monograph for OTC (over the  counter) topical pain relief products.  REZIL is listed with the FDA and  has received NDC (National Drug Code) numbers, which are displayed on  the labeling.  REZIL is manufactured in an FDA registered Drug  Manufacturing Facility, which is routinely inspected for compliance to  Good Manufacturing Practices regulations.  REZIL is made in the USA.  Consumers should note that other OTC topical pain relief products that  do not show an NDC number may not be registered with the FDA and may not  be in compliance with regulations.

 REZIL  is odorless, greaseless, and will not stain clothing.  Many other OTC  pain relief products contain menthol, camphor and/or oil of wintergreen  that have strong medicine-like odors.  You can leave the house after  applying REZIL without smelling like a medicine cabinet.  The easy to  use roll-on applicator is the most effective way to apply the lotion –  no messy sprays that won’t work upside down, no greasy creams, gels,  oils or ointments, and no uncomfortable patches or pads.

 REZIL  does not contain counter-irritants like menthol or oil of wintergreen.   These odorous compounds work by producing cooling or burning sensations  that overwhelm the pain receptors with new pain signals.

 Both  the 3 oz and ¼ oz bottles of REZIL are TSA compliant – you can bring  them with you in your carry-on bag on your next flight.

 The  ¼ oz roll-on is small enough to carry in your purse or pocket.  You can  always have REZIL with you to use any time it’s needed.

 Topical  medications are often more effective than oral medications since they  deliver the medication directly to the source of the pain.  Oral  medications must circulate the drug throughout the body and are subject  to side-effects and possible drug interactions not observed with topical  medications.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  If you are not satisfied with REZIL, simply return the bottle for a full refund.

There  are many ineffective and questionable products on the market.  Many are  promoted by TV celebrity “experts” that proclaim instant pain relief.   Savvy consumers should be aware that many of these products do not  contain any proven effective active ingredients whatsoever.  Products  claimed to be “natural” usually contain unproven extracts from barks,  roots, seeds, berries or rendered fat from flightless Australian birds.   Consumers should be very cautious of using these products.


For a free sample of REZIL, call Rena at 303-205-9032 or toll free at 855-MY-REZIL (855-697-3945).