To  everyone who has osteoarthritis - I have it in both my knees.  I love,  love, love REZIL.  I am pain free for hours at a time after applying  REZIL.
Angel B, GA

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for this marvelous product.   I am in my sixties and still involved in athletics and outdoor  activities and I can tell you that no other topical medication has  helped my numerous aches and pains as well as yours.  I find immediate  and long lasting relief for hours that I did not obtain from any other  topical product.  I have recommended this product to my teammates and  would to any other active adult.  Again, thank you.
WB, New York  

I  saw an ad in the local Senior's Newspaper offering a "free" sample of  REZIL, a new pain relief roll-on.  I figured this must be a scam, or  there must be a catch or gimmick - no one really gives away anything for  free anymore.  I called the toll-free number expecting  a hard-sell offering a year's supply for an outrageous amount in three  easy payments for my credit card number.  What a surprise - Rena assured  me that the sample was really free and she didn't think it was right to  sell something new without allowing people to try it first.  Now I had  to try it.  I gave her my name and address - no harm there, but I was  still suspicious.  Two days later the sample arrived in the mail - a  little roll-on bottle.  My arthritis was really bothering me, so I  quickly rolled it onto my wrists and fingers and rubbed it in.  It  didn't stink.  In just a few minutes my pain was gone.  I used it for  the next few days until the sample was gone and it worked every time.  I  ordered the large size bottle with the free pocket size bottle and free  shipping.  At last, I had found a product that really works.  So, if  you are skeptical and cautious like me, believe me, REZIL is for real -  the product really works, it is not a scam.  And, they didn't pay me to  write this.
WH, Colorado

After  a stroke last year, I have had to use a walker to get around.  Moving  the walker soon became very painful to my arms and wrists.  I tried  REZIL and the pains in my arms and wrists quickly disappeared. Now I can  get around pain-free and plan to go back to church this Sunday.
 SA, Colorado

I  am 64 years old and play tennis around four times a week with moderate  knee pain.  I applied REZIL to both knees before and after strenuous  exercise on the tennis court.  In every instance there has been  immediate relief allowing for more mobility and freedom of movement   without as much pain. In other words, REZIL provided much needed  assistance.
 DS, Louisiana

 Thanks for the bottle of REZIL Roll-On.  It works great.  Put it on, no  smell, not sticky, it just takes the pain away.  I hope I will be able  to get more REZIL.  
PM, Colorado

I went cycling with a cycling group last week and soon found out that  I was really out of shape.  The pains in my legs were really bad and I  had to stop several times.  On one stop I saw a guy rolling something on  his legs - it was REZIL.  He let me try some on my legs and the pain  went away in a few minutes.  After the ride, I got the toll-free number  off the bottle and ordered a bottle for myself.  Now I always carry a  bottle of REZIL with me when cycling.
MC, Colorado  

I  had been suffering from a sore shoulder blade for roughly 24 hours.  It  was a strain on a week-old injury, and it was pretty painful.  I  couldn't reach it myself, so my wife applied REZIL and rubbed it in.  Within roughly one hour, the pain in my shoulder blade was gone  entirely, and I was able to fall asleep.  The pain never returned.  It  would have taken several aspirin tablets to do the same job, but REZIL  localized in the spot where relief is needed, eliminated any chance of  stomach irritation.  
BL, California

I  have been encountering pain at the base of my thumb at the wrist  brought on by arthritis in my hands. Using a screwdriver, twisting  something, or just opening a packet of sweetener was painful. I can  apply REZIL to the area and it will alleviate the pain more than the  other topical cream medications I was leaning on.  Nothing takes the  pain away completely, but REZIL is the best thing so far.  The lack of  odor allows me to apply it anywhere I am.  
GR, Colorado

I  suffer with severe arthritis in my fingers and elbows.  I tried REZIL  and it took away the pain enabling me to utilize my fingers for doing my  crafts and my sewing.  
MP, Louisiana

I've played high school and now college football and am always sore  after a game or practice.  A lot of the guys rub on a well-known cream  to ease the pain and soreness.  But, it doesn't work very well and it  smells really bad.  My dad suggested that I try REZIL, which he uses for  his arthritis.  I tried it and it works great at relieving the pain and  soreness - and it doesn't stink.
RT, Texas  

REZIL is truly a miracle.  I needed a walker, but not anymore.  The  pain in my hip is gone.  I can take my little dog for a walk without  pain, thanks to REZIL.
IS, Colorado

This is the first product that actually worked for me.  After working  out, I get a lot of pain in my shoulders, back and neck.  This stuff  relieves the pain within 5 to 10 minutes.  I'll be ordering more.
DJ, California


I  have had rheumatoid arthritis for 18 years.  When any new product comes  along, I am anxious to try it in order to get some relief of the  constant pain I have.  However, with every product I have tried, more  often than not, I have been disappointed.  This is not the case with  REZIL.  One extremely bad night I was having severe pain in my right  hip. After taking my normal pain medication, which brought absolutely no  relief, I rubbed on the REZIL.  The results were amazing.  After about  one hour, the pain was almost completely gone and I could actually walk  somewhat normally (usually, I cannot walk at all).  I have had pain in  my hands, knees, feet and neck.  It has worked on all of these areas. I  really like the way it completely penetrates and especially the fact  that it is odorless.  
KE, Colorado

As  a food and beverage employee I frequently suffer muscle pain in my  shoulder and upper arm. Recently Mr. HP gave me a sample of REZIL.  I  was very impressed with it because it relieved my pain without the odor  or greasiness of a cream.  
CA, Louisiana

My  husband has had arthritis in his back for many years.  He is in pain  every morning when he wakes up.  He has tried many products without  getting relief from the pain.  I applied REZIL to his back and massaged  it in.  After about 30 minutes, he felt the pain disappearing.  He could  get up in a standing position without feeling any pain.  Each day I  applied REZIL which had the same affect of relieving his pain.  It is  truly incredible.  GL, Louisiana


After  using REZIL on my knees, I found that I received a measure of relief.   I think it would be of use to individuals suffering minor pains of the  joints.  I appreciate the fact that it doesn't have a medicine odor so  it can be used without being detected by those around you.  
JJ, Colorado

I  dropped a full bottle of wine on my big toe.  I thought it was broken,  however it was a severe bruise.  I could not walk without severe pain.   On my husband's suggestion, I tried REZIL on my very painful toe.  I  rubbed it in well and miraculously, after about ten minutes, the pain  was gone.  In around four hours, the pain returned, however after  another application of REZIL, the pain was quickly gone again.  REZIL is  truly amazing - I don't know what I would have done without it.  
RH, Colorado 

  For a free sample of REZIL, call Rena at 303-205-9032 or toll free at 855-MY-REZIL (855-697-3945).